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Upcoming Events 2023-2024 Save These Dates

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Issues 2 Action

October 27th, 2023  9am-11:30 am


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Colorado Community Church, 14000 E. Jewel, Aurora CO 80231


Summit VII

December 7th, 2023 9:30AM-1:45PM

3rd Grade-College

Schools/Group Registration, Volunteer Sign-up

Global Leadership Retreat 

February 15-19 2024 Orlando, Florida

This event is for AAYLS Members who have proven their ability and willingness to lead.

3rd Grade-College (Sponsor a girl here.)

Individuals who are interested in participating complete the GLR interest form. Additional details coming soon

Sista 2 Sista Mentoring Day

March 7, 2023, 9:30AM-1:45PM.

Colorado Community Church, 14000 E. Jewel, Aurora CO 80231


3rd Grade-College

School/Group Registration. Additional details coming soon

Black Excellence Showcase

April 26th, 2023  6:30PM-8:45PM

Hamilton Middle School, 8600 E Dartmouth Ave, Denver CO 80231 

All ages, all colors All People

School/Group Registration, Sign-up to participate in the showcasecoming soon. Additional details coming soon


AD Global Leadership Sojourn Conference

June & July Events

The Africans in Diaspora Global Sojourn (Leadership Journey) will be for two weeks starting in early July.

Please express interest in these events by signing up here. More details will be sent to those who express interest. Sponsor a girl.

          African American Young Ladies Summit (AAYLS)

The African American/Black Young Ladies' Summit Program (AAYLS) is a holistic village practice that values, empowers, and equips young women with the tools they will need for a lifelong journey of personal success and achievement.

Engagement of young African American women in AAYLS affirms:

  • Academic scholarship (Present & Future)

  • Overcoming racial barriers in society,  school, and in life

  • Afro-beauty (Beauty, Fashion and History) Join us on 

  • Community Engagement & Financial Stability

  • Belonging, Health & Connecting

  • Leadership, Self-worth & Confidence

                                                                                                 Shop Amazon and support AAYLS

How It All Began

AAYLS Global

Black Girls Matter!

Contact Us

For more information on how to be involved in supporting our program by becoming a vendor, sponsor or just for more information about what we do.


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